Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sydney {month 10}

I can't believe it.  Double digits.  Sydney turned 10 months 10 days ago (oops).  She is now triple the weight she was when we brought her home from the hospital (18 lbs).
Double digits - 10 months and 10 rolls!
She continues to be an excellent eater.  We feed her pretty much what we eat with the exception of sweets and salty food.  Right now, there isn't anything she doesn't like.   We are enjoying this as much as possible.  It's also obvious now that she is drinking less milk and getting more calories from food.  We got her a little sippy cup with a straw and she quickly learned how to drink water from it.  She loves it.  She drinks about a cup of water a day mostly with meals.  At the very, very end of the month, we started mixing some formula in with her milk.  It's been a long time coming.

This month we celebrated Passover and Easter.  Passover was dinner with all the Lederman family.  For Easter, our neighborhood had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, and we had some neighbors down for Easter brunch.  It was pretty low key this year.

Right now her favorite toys are her stacking cups, her wooden toy car, her maraca and piano.  She thinks it's hilarious every time the car crashes into the walls.  Daycare kept telling me how much Sydney loves the toy pianos they have, so we bought her one.  It's true, she loves playing it and also her maraca.  She'll just shake, shake, shake the maraca, take a break, put it in her mouth, then go back to shaking.  Other things she really likes right now are flipping her light switch to turn off the light in her room, and being held upside down. Once you hold her upside down once, she'll lunge backwards so we'll do it again.

Her legs are getting stronger, and she is standing at her play table for a while.  She can pull herself to standing if she is slightly elevated from the ground to start with (like sitting on my foot or leg).  What she hasn't figured out is how to move her legs and feet to get balanced so sometimes she is in a ridiculous stance but she is happy.

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but we hired a babysitter, Aine.  She is a neighborhood girl who has come to watch Sydney 2 times now.  Basically, we put her to bed, then Aine comes over and hangs out while we go out to dinner and a drink.  Hiring a babysitter is one of the only things that makes me feel old and grown up.  It's so different than having family watch her.

Ok, on to the good stuff, here are my favorite photos of the month:

Love the belly sticking out

I mostly love this because this is her making a very high pitch scream
Just a quick little burst, and it's so cute

And one more from that day
Little mohawk.  Can't wait for her to grow more hair
Looking pretty cool in her Babiators.
St. Patricks Day
Cousins in green
playing? fighting? sharing?  you decide 
Great big kiss
Just looking cute
She loves banging things together.
Easter/Passover photo
At the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt - there were a ton of people there
but with the angle of this photo, you would never know
Toes in the pool.  She loved it and we can't wait for her to get fully in.  She loves water in any form.
In a glass, coming from the faucet, in the bath, in her sip cup.  She is going to love the pool.
This month we also did a Lederman family photoshoot.  These are just the photos the photographer took on his iPhone.  We are all excited to see the rest.
The whole family
Looking at the cute baby 
One of Sydney's favorite activities is taking apart her play mat.
Usually she just takes the edge pieces off and chews on them.  She will just go around the mat taking each piece off, chew on it, then go to the next.  Occasionally she gets a big piece.  And I happen to be sitting across from her this time.
At Passover, Aunt Adina and Uncle Sean gave Sydney an Easter Egg (I know, holiday confusion).
She was pretty excited about it - it had some teething toys in it.  Thanks Adina & Sean.
Passover seder - reading the haggadah - well, the kid version
Grant joined us for Passover too, cutie pie
Sydney was actually really sick when I took these photos,
but I was able to get a few good ones. Headbands come off pretty quickly if she isn't distracted.
10 month chair photo
10 days into being a 10 month old, she has already hit some exciting new milestones.  I can't wait to share that with you in the next post.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sydney {month 9}

Sydney turned 9 months last weekend, can you believe it?  This month flew by.  Partly because February is a short month and partly because we've been busy.

The month started with a visit from MarMe and Grandpa Billy, and continued on with lot's of time outside soaking up the sun.  We met friends at Lagunitas Brewery, had a picnic at Stryker Winery, and took a few trips into SF.  Here in California we had the driest January on record, followed by the hottest February on record.  While it's nice to be outside, it's really scary!

Sydney has been doing what she always does, growing, learning and being cute.  I was so impressed a few weeks ago when she used 1 hand to open a crocodile's mouth and the other hand to grab a ball out of it.  It took a few tries but she figured it out.  She is becoming busier and busier everyday.  So much are the days of her being content just hanging out on our lap.

She is quite a good eater (especially for daycare) and will eat almost anything right now.  My pediatrician reminded me that this will change but for now we're trying to giver her as many flavors as we can.  We make a lot of squash, carrot, spinach & wild rice smashes for her.  And also offer her anything we're eating that doesn't have salt in it.

I still get a lot of comments on her feet always kicking or her rolling her foot in a circle.  She is always moving.

Here are my favorite photos from the month:

Breakfast with MarMe
Still not that into the park
Our little explorer
Happy baby after a nap
MarMe & Sydney love bath time
Those arms
With Grandpa Billy

Lagunitas Brewery
With Dada, picnicking at Stryker Winery
with Momma
looks like summer
sweet girl
First time trying yogurt - loved it
This is how her face got so messy
Conversations with Papa
Cousin Billy trying to teach her how to crawl
First photo with the 5 cousins.
Rolling around
All smiles
Picnic in SF
9 month couch photo
After fighting a lot of colds and 1 ear infection, we're looking forward to (hopefully) a healthier month.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sydney {month 8}

Sydney's 8th month was full of big family events.  We celebrated cousin Billy's 1st birthday, and welcomed a new cousin, Grant Oliver Lederman, to the family.  We also said goodbye to our sweet dog Morrie who lived a long and happy 14 years.  He was such a loving dog and we miss him so much.

8 months old

I've heard from a number of people that the phase between 6-9 months is a good one, and so far, we have to agree.  We've been having a ton of fun with Sydney lately.  She is laughing all the time, rolling all over the place and so curious about everything.  So long are the days of sitting quietly on our lap and watching us eat dinner.  If anything is in reach, or a lunge, she will go for it.  I love watching her pick up something new and examine it and turn it around and around in her hands, then put it in her mouth.

She has really come around with the whole eating thing.  We are still really liberal with the foods that we offer her and she is willing to try almost anything.  Her favorite foods right now are chicken, cheese, lentils, eggs and hummus.  She doesn't like to be spoon fed, so we just break everything up into really small pieces and she picks it up herself.  We help her with our fingers too, and she likes that. She will also pick the food that dropped into her bib and eat it.

We're still working on a sippy cup, but she loves to drink from our water glass.  She is just starting to figure out how to swallow, so most of the water just goes in her mouth, then back out all over her clothes.  I bought her a little plastic cup for her to practice with.

Brian started to notice when she is really happy, she rolls her right foot in a circle and shakes her left foot.  She does this all the time, like when she is eating in her highchair, drinking her milk or in the carrier facing forward.  We think it's adorable.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the month:
Billy and his cake at his 1st Birthday party
with Bamma at the birthday party
Grant Oliver - born on January 23, 2015
This photo is on his 2 week birthday - this cutie already has more hair than Sydney, lucky boy
Me and my peanut
stop grabbing my ears Sophia!
All tuckered out from her playdate 
Sunday at the Farmers Market 
MarMe made Sydney some adorable bandana bibs
An afternoon in San Francisco
Selfie after a picnic on the Marina Green with Lindsay & Kevin
Our favorite new hat - thanks Maya
first time riding in a shopping cart
always so adorable after a bath
Rocking a retro Tee that was my sister's as a baby
Wait, this is January?  Where is the rain?
weekend mornings 
Sydney's new favorite spot, under the coffee table
such a doll
helping with laundry
taking a break from eating
those cheeks
8 month couch photo
We're looking forward to another great month full of smiles and laughs with our little peanut.