Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camping {Big Sur, California}

Over 4th of July weekend, we headed down to Big Sur with our neighbors to go camping.  Our neighbors have a little girl, Kaia, who is about 8 months older than Sydney. It was Sydney and Kaia's first camping trip and it was a complete success.
In the cutest 4th of July outfit (thanks Auntie Adina)
We did all the normal thing you do on a camping trip: have a campfire, go for a hike, eat s'mors and hotdogs, relax, swing in the hammock, and go to happy hour at the nearby restaurant. 

We stayed at an awesome campsite in the redwoods and our sites were amazing. We were right next to each other and our 2 spots were a little hike up from the road, secluded from the rest of the campsite and beautiful (note to self: site 20 & 21). Because I know you are curious about our sleeping situation, Sydney slept in a pack-n-play in our tent.  We bundled her in a fleece onesie over her pj's and she slept really well.

Sydney loved, loved the tent.  We had a little air mattress and she had a great time crawling on and off it and bouncing around on it. She loved playing with Kaia at the campsite and with Brian in hammock. She had a great time picking up the dead leaves and sticks on the ground and handing them to us.

And once the kiddos went to bed, we enjoyed sitting around the campfire with some beers, making s'mors and playing games.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Exploring the area
Enjoying the campsite
Our tent
Walking up to our campsite
Family selfie
At the beach, mid-hike
Let's take a closer look at our little Bean
It was beautiful
Sydney's new favorite thing - standing on her head
Playing in the hammock

Happy hour with Sarah and Kaia
chilling with Dada

The view from the restaurant
The Cook's

The girls playing - so adorable

Kaia has the cutest smile
We had a great time, with great company.  We can't wait to do it again.

P.S. Had to share, Brian on the left, Sydney on the right. I seriously can't get over how much they look alike.
Both my cutie pies

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sydney {month 12}

Sydney turned 1 year old on June 9th!  It's hard to believe how much she has grown and changed since we met her at the hospital.  On her birthday, I kept thinking back to 1 year ago, remember going to bed the night before knowing we were going to have a baby the next day (she was breech so I had a scheduled c-section), then waking up the next morning, showering, putting on a dress, doing my hair and heading to the hospital.  I remember Brian saying, "Well, let's go have a baby".  And we did.
1 year old!
What I don't think we realized that day was how much love we would have for Sydney and how amazing of a year it would be watching her grow and learn.

We started this month celebrating Mother's day.  The highlight was taking Sydney on her first bike ride.  She loved it, and so did we.  We have since gone on a few more rides. 
Bike family selfie
We also spent a weekend in Boise seeing our good friends the Vealitzik's and the Lenkowski's, and their kiddos.  The Lenkowski's little girl is 6 months younger than Sydney and the Vealitzik's have a girl who is 6 months older.  It was incredible to see the difference between all of them.  Sydney had a great time playing with her new buddies.  We can't wait to see them again.  Boise also marked Sydney's 10th flight, and 5th state! 
Ava sharing her Cheerios - these 2 were too cute together
Ava giving Sydney a ride. Sydney loved that toy and Ava surprised her and shipped her one back home.  So sweet, and still one of her favs.

Post nap cuddles - Sydney was fascinated by Ava

Ava, Sydney and Bea - all 6 months apart in age

Parents night out - boys in their uniform

Just like old times, miss these girls so much
Sydney is cuter than ever right now and has again blown me away by what she has learned in a month. She is pulling herself up on anything now, and getting really good at balancing.  She is fine holding on with 1 hand and will even bend down to pick something up nearby.

She still loves music and is playing a xylophone, maraca, drum and piano daily.  She loves the music her new truck (thanks Vealitzik's) plays and will press the buttons then start clapping and dancing.  It's so adorable.  Speaking of her truck, she love, love, loves riding on it.  Her feet just barely touch the ground, so she is slow on her own, but will lift her feet to I can make her fly all over the house.

Knock on wood, she is still a great eater.  This month, peas are still a favorite, as well as spinach, chicken, berries, grapes, any type of cheese and watermelon.  This kid can eat.  She makes it clear that she prefers to eat exactly what we are eating.
I don't know why she is pointing
Her first watermelon at Sophia's 1st Birthday
Sydney loves bears.  She has a bear stuffed animal, "Brown Bear" who always gets cuddles and kisses. She also always give's Gabin the bear a kiss when she finds him in her "Peek-a-boo Sophie" book.  Everyone is jealous of the kisses and cuddles she constantly gives these bears.

We ended the month by celebrating her 1st birthday!  MarMe, Grandpa Billy and Aunt Jenn were all in town for the occasion.  We had a great time with them over a long weekend.  

We had a big party with friends and family to celebrate her big day.  She had her own vanilla cake, and was pretty clean and neutral about it.  I think she was more interested in the texture of the frosting.  This made Mama & Dada proud. 
mornings with MarMe
On her real birthday (we enjoyed that cake on her behalf)
The party decoration

Family photo

Simon girls

cousin Billy
It's cake time

A little help with the candle this year
Trying to get her to be messy

MarMe & Grandpa Billy

Sydney's friend Sophia was born 3 days after her - she slept through the cake at her birthday, so she had a cupcake at Sydney's party
Billy splashing the girls
party shot

party shot

And here some some more of my favorite photos from the month:

mom, I'm tired of all these photos!
Christmas jammies in May!
Dada's girl
park date with cousin Billy

just cruising....
I see you

Watching Nate's baseball game
rolling around
lunch break at Sophia's party
with conviction
I love this one
Last chair photo, 12 months
All 12 months
What a year it's been.  We love this girl so much.  I want her to grow up and stay small at the same time.  At the very least, I have a few photos and videos to remember these moments.