Saturday, November 7, 2015

What we've been up to {Summer 2015}

It's almost overwhelming to think back to where I left off with the blog.  Since I last posted, Sydney has basically gone from a baby to a toddler.  She is walking, practically running now, starting to talk and definitely understanding what we are saying.
Family shot at Ingrid's wedding

We had a busy summer, including a road trip to Roseburg, Oregon to celebrate one of my besties getting married, a weekend in Sacramento spent with the extended Lederman family, a visit from MarMe & Grandpa Billy, lot's of play dates, a pool party with my colleagues and their kids, and meeting one of Sydney's new best friends, Luca.
Looking back at my notes, the first thing on my list of notable milestones to mention since I last posted was Sydney starting standing without holding onto things. That seems like ages ago now.  Her progression to walking was similar to that of crawling.  She had no interest for a long time. She was perfectly happy just standing and crawling.  Then, one day (finally), she decided it was time.  She quickly went from standing, to cruising, to taking a few steps, then she was off.  She started walking at 14 months, and basically hasn't crawled since.
She is doing a lot of other cute things right now.  She will move or set her bottles and water on the coasters on the table.  Animal sounds are really popular.  She is really good at all farm animals, so naturally, she also likes the song Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  She say/sing "E-I-E-I" and help with the animal noises.  She still loves her books, and now has an opinion of what she wants to read.  She will bring a book over to us, then turn around and sit in our lap to read it.
We bought her a huge teddy bear from Costco, who we named Freddy.  Every time she walks into her room, she'll run over to Freddy, give him a kiss, then sit in his lap.
On to the photos.  It's been a long time, so there are a lot:
Sydney isn't attached to any toys or blankets and she doesn't sleep with anything in her crib.  A few times, I have tried putting something in her crib with her but it typically just distracts her.
Flopsy bunny ended up on her head (taken from dropcam)
Couldn't pull her sunglasses away from her before nap time.
Checked the monitor and she had them on!

This was one of Sydney's favorite games, she loves being held upside down and when we lift her into headstands and somersaults
She is still a fantastic eater. The one thing she has never liked is fresh tomatoes.
I can't even trick her with green tomatoes.
Mid-July, we drove 7 hours north to Roseburg, Oregon to celebrate my friend Ingrid's marriage.  The drive there was easy - we left early and Sydney did great.  My parents met us there, they went to the wedding and babysat so we could stay out and celebrate longer.  The drive home, a day and a half later was really tough and exhausting for all of us.
MarMe & Sydney. 
My mom made this dress for Sydney out of one of Brian's old work shirts.
It's still one of my favorites
Ingrid & I. Such a pretty bride <3
With our friends Shannon & Nick at the wedding

Back at home, getting messy at the water table
Playing peek-a-boo at the water table
Just another cute one
I had about a 2 week window where she would let me put bows in her hair
A few weeks after the wedding, we went to Sacramento for the night to hang out with the extended Lederman family.  The group keeps growing and growing as more and more babies join the family.  It was fun to see all the cousin's play together - I'm so sad we didn't get a photo of all of them together.

Billy working hard to push Sydney around

Sydney and cousin Lux getting serious at the water table - Lux is 5 months younger than Sydney

Back at home, we had a few beautiful summer evenings

Finding new toys at the park
Park date with Becky & baby Tyler
How sweet is this?  Sydney will make a great big sis someday
These are big decisions for a 1 year old.
Sydney loves riding on her scooter and truck, they have been favorites toys for a while now
Just cooling off, reading on of her favorite books, on a hot summer day.
Playing with Dada
Loves her scooter
This one is one of my favorites from when she was learning to walk
I took this photo because I thought it would be one of the last times I would see her crawl
These moments are the best
Sophia & Sydney - cute as can be
She loves sunglasses
I just think this is the cutest. She is looking through a hole in one of her books
Story time with Grandpa
Waving to her shadow.
Best thing ever!
Meeting baby Luca - such a sweet baby girl
Studying up on London for our big Europe trip
Practicing her animal sounds with Freddy
This is just heart melting.  Billy & Sydney are besties.
Sydney is feeding Billy some Cheerios
Being silly, and looking like such a big girl
 I think I just barely scratched the surface with this update.  Sydney is growing up fast.  She definitely has an opinion about things now, and will let us know if she isn't happy.  She is still a super sweet girl, love books, peas, spinach, cheerios, swings, slides, shoes, sunglasses, her cousin Billy, Freddy, bath time, being held upside down, and music.

Next up: our adventure abroad with a 16 month old

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Camping {Big Sur, California}

Over 4th of July weekend, we headed down to Big Sur with our neighbors to go camping.  Our neighbors have a little girl, Kaia, who is about 8 months older than Sydney. It was Sydney and Kaia's first camping trip and it was a complete success.
In the cutest 4th of July outfit (thanks Auntie Adina)
We did all the normal thing you do on a camping trip: have a campfire, go for a hike, eat s'mors and hotdogs, relax, swing in the hammock, and go to happy hour at the nearby restaurant. 

We stayed at an awesome campsite in the redwoods and our sites were amazing. We were right next to each other and our 2 spots were a little hike up from the road, secluded from the rest of the campsite and beautiful (note to self: site 20 & 21). Because I know you are curious about our sleeping situation, Sydney slept in a pack-n-play in our tent.  We bundled her in a fleece onesie over her pj's and she slept really well.

Sydney loved, loved the tent.  We had a little air mattress and she had a great time crawling on and off it and bouncing around on it. She loved playing with Kaia at the campsite and with Brian in hammock. She had a great time picking up the dead leaves and sticks on the ground and handing them to us.

And once the kiddos went to bed, we enjoyed sitting around the campfire with some beers, making s'mors and playing games.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

Exploring the area
Enjoying the campsite
Our tent
Walking up to our campsite
Family selfie
At the beach, mid-hike
Let's take a closer look at our little Bean
It was beautiful
Sydney's new favorite thing - standing on her head
Playing in the hammock

Happy hour with Sarah and Kaia
chilling with Dada

The view from the restaurant
The Cook's

The girls playing - so adorable

Kaia has the cutest smile
We had a great time, with great company.  We can't wait to do it again.

P.S. Had to share, Brian on the left, Sydney on the right. I seriously can't get over how much they look alike.
Both my cutie pies