Converstations with a 2 year old {Sydney}

The title of this post should technically be "Conversations with an almost 3 year old" but for consistency purposes, it's not.  As Sydney approaches 3 years old, her conversations and vocabulary are becoming more complex, and we are starting to hear back some familiar colloquialisms, which make us giggle.

"Just 2 more minutes, then I'll come eat dinner" "I'll be back in 1 minute, stay on the couch, ok?" "I'm going to go hang out with my brother now"

Brian has been home pretty early the last few weeks and Sydney has been helping him cook dinner, she really enjoys it.  Yesterday, he wasn't home before dinner.  I had everything ready on her plate for her.
Me: "Sydney, are you ready for dinner?" Sydney: "I want to help you cook it." Me: "Well, it's cooked already." Sydney: "No, I want to cook it." Me: "Dada isn't home early tonight, so he cooked it last night for you!" Sydney; &qu…

Charlie {month 12}

Mr. Charlie turned 1 year old on April 22nd.  It's been 1 year since he has joined the family and we can't imagine life without him.  He is silly and sweet and curious.  He is all boy.  He loves being outside, loves climbing and loves everything his sister is playing with. It was another busy month.  We took a small vacation to Monterey, celebrated Passover, Easter, and of course, Charlie's birthday. Charlie started going down slides all by himself this month.  Small ones, he can sit, and bigger ones, he goes on his belly.  He loves it.  He also loves climbing around play structures and swinging.  The park is quickly becoming his favorite outing.   His favorite inside games are playing in his sisters pop up tent,  jumping on the couch and falling to his tooshy, the play kitchen and climbing both of Sydney's stepstools - which is terrifying. He has been working hard to learn how to climb into her bed, but he is still a little too small.   Charlie, and Sydney, both …