Friday, December 12, 2014

Sydney {month 6}

Sydney turned 6 months on December 9th.  To celebrate her 1/2 birthday she learned how to sit up without any support!  
Look Mom, I'm sitting!
Every night after Sydney goes to bed, Brian and I always talk about how lucky we are to have such a good baby.  We love her so much.

It was a big month for us.  We took a trip to Chicago, celebrated Sydney's first Thanksgiving.  She went to her first museum and aquarium, started sitting in her highchair, started playing in a jumper and learned how to sit up on her own.

Everyone still comments on her big eyes, and big cheeks and how alert and observant she is.  Right now, she is really into details (or accessories, as I have been saying).  Zippers, tags, hair, jewelry, she is exploring it all.  She also reaches for and wants to touch everything.  And everything she does get her hands on goes straight to her mouth, including her new favorite toy, her feet.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the month:

The first day of her 6th month with MarMe & Grandpa Billy
So curious
Cousin Billy came over and they were both dressed in grey stripes
Love this grin

Chicago was interesting.  I went for work but didn't want to leave Sydney, so I brought her and Brian along.  We went a day early so we could explore the city a bit.  There was a cold front while we were there and weather was in the teens and it "felt like" -4.  Before this trip, she had never felt anything below 60, so it was a big shock.  We also had her bundled up in so many clothes, the poor little girl couldn't move.  We checked out a few neighborhoods by running from lunch, to a bar to a coffee shop to stay out of the cold and did a few touristy things like see The Bean & the Chicago Theater.

While I was at work, Brian took Sydney to the Chicago Art Institute and the Aquarium.  He put her in the carrier facing out and she LOVED looking at the art and the fish. 

Our little bundle in a coffee shop in Lincoln Park
She didn't have much room to move around or play with her toys
We took our Sydney Bean to see The Bean.  She slept through it.
Family photo
At the museum
We snuck next door for dinner one night
She couldn't take her eyes off the fish
loves those feet
First time in her highchair, she loves sitting with us at dinner
This is how we roll on Saturday nights now
Practicing sitting
Sydney got to spend Thanksgiving with all 4 of her grandparents, and lot's of Lederman cousins, aunts, uncles and some family friends.  It was a huge, weekend long, gathering that my Mother-In-Law put together without a hitch.  It was great to spend time with family and let the new kids "play" together.
Cousins Amy & Rachel
All the cousins at Thanksgiving - Rachel, Billy, Nate, Connor and Sydney
Connor was so cute with Sydney
My mom and I made cookies for dessert and I made a personalized one for all the kids.
I wanted a photo with Sydney and her cookie. She really wanted to hold it, so we let her
We should have known it would go straight to her mouth
First cookie?  First food?  Yikes!
The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the Armstrong Woods
and walked around in the redwoods.
The second day gang
Adina, Billy, Brian & Sydney
Just her size
Adina took this cute one of Sydney
Billy already looking out for his cousin
Sydney has been really into Morrie recently too, so we let her pet/pull his fur.
He was really good and just let her play, so sweet. 
Weekend mornings are the best
Those back rolls
Can't believe she is 6 months
Monthly couch shot
Couch photos of her first 6 months
Another busy month ahead as we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas and also start feeding Sydney real food, I can't wait.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sydney {month 5}

Sydney turned 5 months on the 9th.  5 months!  She is becoming more and more fun each day.  This month Sydney perfected her rolling (from her back to her tummy, still working on the other way), she acquired some new noises and started laughing more often.  She likes to sit, but hasn't figured out how to do it on her own.  

She also is becoming very interested in food.  When she sits in my lap while eating dinner, she watches my fork go from the plate to my mouth every bite. 

This month we celebrated Halloween, and had a visit from my parents.

Oh, and she started wearing a bigger size clothes so I was super excited to dress her in adorable new things.

Here are my favorite photos from the month:

Our Sunday walk to Peet's coffee
Striking a pose in a new outfit - the sweater is a hand knit gift I received - so impressive
playing with Daddy
Getting ready for daycare
Lot's of smiles these days
Waiting for Daddy to get home
We were a sushi family for Halloween.  I made Sydney a sushi costume (my mom helped sew it all together, thanks Mom), and I dressed up as Soy Sauce, and Brian as a Sushi Chef.
Our adorable little Ebi Roll
With the Chef
Sushi & Soy Sauce
Sushi family at the neighborhood party
practicing sitting
Just looking adorable
I love this one
cuddling in bed
Story time with MarMe & Grandpa Billy 
All tuckered out
play time
matching grins
5 month sofa photo
Typical, she wants everything in her mouth.
It was much more difficult to get her 5 month photo - she was all over the place.
But, I finally got one
Cutest little slippers 
We have a big month ahead with a trip to Chicago and Thanksgiving.  Since the weather here isn't very Fall-ish (it was almost 80 degrees today!), I'm looking forward to bundling her up in some cozy clothes for chilly Chicago.

And we're looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with both grandparents and lot's of Lederman relatives.  It should be a fun long weekend.