Sunday, July 31, 2016

Charlie {month 3}

Charlie turned 3 months a week ago on July 22nd!  3 months, I can't believe it. July was a busy and fun month. 
3 months old - 12.5 lbs!
Just as I thought, Charlie started laughing this month. His giggles are the cutest.  The things I do to get him to laugh also make Sydney crack up, which is so adorable. She will say "Sydney's turn", then "Charlie's turn".
Charlie also started rolling over from his back to his belly.  He mastered this on July 21st - a day before turning 3 months (Sydney did this a day before she turned 4 months).  This boy is strong.  He likes standing too, obviously being held but with his legs straight.  A few days before he started rolling over, he woke up and was really good at holding his head up during tummy time.  I remember the same thing happening with Sydney.  It was literally overnight.  We are proud of him for rolling, but it caused some sleeping problems since I can't swaddle his arms tight anymore. Fingers crossed we are close to getting back on track. 
Charlie loves, loves the bath.  He has a permanent smile when getting a bath, with the exception of when I dump water over his face. When I do, he practically jumps out of the tub, then back to smiles.   
He loves his sister and is happy just sitting on my lap watching her.  Sydney loves him too.  She is so sweet with him.  His noises make her laugh. The other day when he was cooing, she said "Charlie funny".  Sydney also loves to help with his diaper changes, especially the really dirty ones because she gets to hand me more wipes for those. She likes to read him stories and put toys on his belly.  I did catch her one night naming off his body parts as she touched them "Charlie nose, Charlie ears", then she got to "Charlie eyes"....oops, don't touch those Sydney!!  She thinks he is trying to take her toys when his arms or legs swing and hit them.  She says "no, my (insert toy) Charlie".  I keep telling her that he isn't taking them yet, but someday he will.
We celebrated the 4th of July over a long weekend at Sea Ranch, on the Northern California coast, with our good friends the Bukata's and their adorable 10 month old girl, Luca.  It was a 3 hour drive from our house and we were pretty nervous about how it would go. Both kids did an awesome job.  We only made 1 stop on the way there, and no stops on the way home.  I still can't believe it.  If only we can get that lucky with our 2 big road trips this month.
Sea Ranch was so much fun.  We went on walks on the sea cliff, explored the beach at low tide, cooked yummy food and drank lots wine.  Charlie spent all of the walks and beach time cozy against me in the wrap, his happy place.  It was too cold to dip his feet in the ocean, so that will have to wait until his next beach trip. 
MarMe and Grandpa Billy were also back for a week visiting.  Great timing for me, as Brian was out of town on a work trip, and Sydney got sick and had to be home from school.   The kids were pretty difficult, but I sure enjoyed the extra help and company.
Here are my favorite photos - plus some of Sydney at Sea Ranch because I didn't want to write a separate post.
family story time
At bootcamp - Charlie loves the end of class when I take him out of the stroller
Melt my heart. Kisses from Sydney
Lucky Dada
We spent a lot of time on this awesome window seat at the Sea Ranch house
Sydney enjoying her milk and the view - she loved looking for birds outside
Dada still in the same spot, but getting cuddles from the other kid
I mean, he is too cute
Being goofy
Luca trying to hard to play with Charlie
Cliff walk
Family selfie!
Exploring the tide pools
Looking for animals
More walking on cliffs
This is how we roll
We welcomed the cooler weather at the coast

The Bukata's

We spent the actual 4th of July driving home, so this is the best shot I got of the kids in their 4th of July outfits
Actually, Sydney didn't even wear the outfit I had planned - I'm trying not to be mad about it

Charlie loves the bath, and towel cuddles
Happy Boy
Always happy to see Bama
Sydney reading to Charlie
Grandpa Billy is here
walk with MarMe and Grandpa Billy
Coffee date with MarMe and Grandpa Billy
Story time for Sydney

This is what baths are like
And another
Happy Grandparents, Happy Charlie
Mama's Boy
This was supposed to be just the kids and grandparents
but Sydney was being crabby and only wanted to sit with me
With cousin Audrey in matching boy/girl outfits
Had to sneak this one in of Sydney and Uncle Sean
Sydney and Billy were "helping" fill the bird feeder
Sydney helping give Charlie a bath
So proud of how well he is holding up his head
Still his happy place
Trying so so hard to roll over but his arm was in the way
He mastered it the next day
Look Mom, I did it!
Sydney and Charlie both at 3 months - starting to look like siblings
Charlie continues to be such a strong and happy boy.  My prediction for next month is he will be grabbing everything and trying to get it in his mouth.  And, we really, really hope he finds his thumb since he won't take a pacifier (never thought I would want my child to be a thumb sucker).  We have a crazy month starting in August, it's going to be so fun, and so exhausting.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Charlie {month 2}

Charlie turned 2 months on June 22nd.  This month started out very rough for us, and for Charlie, but ended in a much better and happier place. 
2 month couch photo
The short version is: we had a few really rough weeks where Charlie was really fussy and unhappy most of the time while he was awake.  After several calls with his pediatrician, we started him on medication for reflux.  Since then, he has become a new baby.  Now he is really happy, smiles all the time and is much calmer after eating.  
His record sleep so far was a 6 hour stretch, but he has only done that once.  We usually only get 4.5 hours for the long stretch.  He certainly is big enough to be sleeping longer...he weighed 11lbs 5oz at his 2 month doctors appointment.  I made the mistake of looking back to see how Sydney was sleeping at 2 months.  We now realize what an easy baby she was...if only we knew then.
By far the best part of this month has been seeing Charlie being so fascinated and entertained by Sydney, and Sydney interacting with him more.  I know I will say this same thing every month as I imagine it just keeps getting better as they both grow.  Charlie is happiest when he is held, or being carried in a wrap and he really doesn't like the car.
We have kept busy this month.  Charlie and I went to a yoga class, and a bootcamp class, and have been walking quite a bit with some of his friends and their Mama's.  We are also getting used to doing Sydney's school drop offs and pick ups.  We've had a handful of nights with just the 3 of us, when Brian has had work events.  These nights are slightly chaotic for me, but the more independent Charlie gets, the easier they become.
We had a lovely Father's Day, both kids were perfect all day.  We kicked off the morning with a walk to the coffee shop, then spent the afternoon walking around downtown, the farmer's market and having a sushi lunch.  When we got home, both kids napped at the same time and Brian and I were able to go swimming. To wrap things up, Brian cooked octopus for dinner, and it was amazing  (I know, I know, he cooked his own Father's Day dinner).
We just got our first babysitter this last weekend.  We are so grateful for our lovely babysitter who agreed to watch Charlie even though he won't take a bottle.  I was really hoping he would take it when I was out of the house, but he is strong willed and just waited around for me to get home.  We did have a great time sneaking away for a bit with some good friends and enjoyed a yummy dinner.  I just hope Charlie gave the babysitter enough smiles and cuddles for her to want to come back.
Here are my favorite photos from the month:

Just looking cute as can be
This couldn't be more true.  This boy loves his Mama
smiles with Dada
Dad on duty
Audrey and Charlie taking a nap
Sydney had to bring her baby out to sleep next to the other babies
Bama is the baby whisperer
Such a happy boy
This happened
This is his happy place
Family shot on Sydney's birthday
This is the best
They both had on monster jammies
Buddies: Charlie and Nathan
I love this smile
Sydney teaching Charlie about her favorite food - peas
Little man

Cruising downtown on Father's Day
Charlie was a perfect baby on Father's Day (slept through lunch)
Sydney and I at Sushi lunch on Father's Day
Sydney loves getting in Charlie's crib
She is climbing in on her own now....
Happy guy at bootcamp class
Charlie's happy place - on me
Let's be honest, I do love it too
Side by side 2 month couch photos
Official 2 month photo
What a month we have had.  Charlie is starting to find his hands, and I think he is pretty close to laughing.  We have a busy month ahead and are taking off for our first of 3 summer road trips next weekend, fingers crossed for us. I'm looking forward to seeing what else this next month will bring.