Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last Post as a Family of 3 {The Final Countdown}

And we're down to single digits - no more than 8 days until we're a family of 4!  Brian and I are ready.  Sydney, well, she is in for a big surprise.  I'm most nervous about her and how she'll adjust to being a big sister, and more importantly, how she'll adjust to sharing her Mama and Dada. We talk about it all the time but I don't think she has any idea what she is in for.
family shot
We've been fully enjoying her last weeks as an only child.  She is so much fun, She is eating well, sleeping well and her cute little personality is developing daily.  She is now adding new words to her vocabulary all the time and is starting to string together more and more words.  She is obsessed with pockets and will put on a hoodie and immediately put her hands in the pockets ("pocks").  She also back into books in a big way.  Her two favorites during the day are Hop on Pop (which she has commentary/knows some words on nearly all the pages), and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb (has always been one of her favorites),  She wants someone to read one book, as she "reads" the other.  At night, there are a few more books that are in regular rotation.  She is also really into cleaning and is almost OCD tidy.  If she drops food on the ground, she literally has to pick it up before she will continue eating.  She is into sweeping ("sweep, sweep Mama" - not my idea of a fun game), she'll get a paper towel and spray cleaner from the cabinet if there are any crumbs or water marks on the table.  She also loves throwing things away and is starting to learn what goes in the "black bin" vs "blue bin".

Her school closed for "spring break" - seriously, spring break for 1 year my parents came down to help out during the week off.  It happened to fall over Easter, and also over the weekend that my sister-in-law & mother-in-law planned a Baby Brunch to celebrate our little guy as well as my other sister-in-laws pending arrival, so my mom was able to join that as well.  It was a busy but fun week.

Our weekends have been pretty low key - catching up with friends, park dates, play dates, coffee dates, and a few real dates for me and Brian.

Just last weekend, we had the whole Lederman family over to celebrate Mike's birthday.  It's so fun to see all the kids playing together.  And also surprising at how quickly 5 kids can get out so many toys.

Here are some (ok, a lot) of my favorite photos:
Helping me decorate some St. Paddy's Day cookies. She also helped make the dough and roll & cut the dough.
Her favorite part was rolling/cutting - it was like clay.
And, she was also a fan of eating the cookies.
Reading with Dada - we're finally making progress on pulling her hair out of her face
bouncing on Dada.  aka Hop on Pop
The first day I caught her with her hands in pockets ("pocks)"
Here we are sweeping - she loves it
I'm not so excited about this game
Silly Dada put bracelets on her ears
Another sweeping session - but I think it's just a cute photo of her
Ladies in green for St Paddy's Day
Story time with Grandpa
Too cool
Last year, she wouldn't touch the grass
Now she is laying in it
Sydney actually had a blast dying eggs.
She mixed every bowl a million times
Then got to decorate the eggs with stickers.  It was a big hit.
We were a little more concerned about the eggs during this step
but most made it out without too many cracks
Billy came over for an Egg Hunt on Easter morning
With no instruction, both kids knew exactly what to do and were shocking really good at it.
Billy had a small spill and Sydney took advantage of the fallen eggs.
Their eggs were full of cheerios, wheat chex, teddy grahams and a few with
jelly beans and yogurt covered raisins
I'm sure you can guess which ones were the crowd favorite 
Both my babies with 3 weeks to go until they are both on the outside
with MarMe & Grandpa Billy
bucket head - keeping us entertained
I love her expression, so proud of helping out
me & Adina - we are due within 10 days of each other!
Reading her favorite books
Just a lazy Sunday morning
racing Dada down the slide
The chef gets the first taste, obviously.
Sydney has been helping cook a lot lately. 
And Dada can have a bite too
Being silly
Cute photo at her friend August's house
Uncle Sean coloring with most of the cousins
All the current cousins
Hard to believe we'll have 2 babies to add into this photo in the next few weeks
Smile Sydney!  Such a cheesy grin
 In case you were wondering if she looks more like Mama or Dada - you tell me.   
Brian on left - they look identical here
Me on the left - but now I have second thoughts
Think good thoughts for us in the next few weeks.  The goal is to blog monthly about Baby Boy Lederman, just as we did for Sydney.  But, no promises. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kicking off 2016 {Big Changes}

We started off 2016 with some big changes in our house. 

Getting so big
Sydney started at a new school, and so far, we all love it.  She is in a class with 12 kids who were all born within the same 4 months, so they are all hitting milestones around the same time and are interested in similar things.  They do all different kinds of art, spend a lot of time outside and the teachers always introduce new ideas and materials for the kids to explore.
One of her first days in class...still learning that paint is only for paper
coloring with friends
Sydney has been learning a lot, and picking up some good habits along the way.  One of my favorites is hand washing.  They wash the kids hands after all diaper changes and before/after meals and snacks, and Sydney loves it.  Now, she insists on washing her hands all the time at home. 
I'm actually surprised that there isn't more paint on the wall
This must have been one of her favorite things - playing with bubbles
One perk for us parents is they post a daily log of what they did during the day and a bunch of photos of the kids.   I just love getting to peak in at what they are up to and see all the photos they post.  Plus it's nice that I can ask her more specific questions about her day and what she did.
Just yesterday, she was running around the room saying "hat" with this bucket on her head
climbing in the sinks outside
In other big news, we have officially announced that baby boy Lederman will be joining our family in Late April!  We are so excited to welcome him into the family and have been doing our best to get Sydney ready.  As much as we talk about it, she really has no idea what she is in for.  T-7 weeks to go.
Baby bump - just over 2 months to go here
Brian and I snuck off for 4 nights to Hawaii for a little get away and sun before his arrival.  We left Sydney at home with MarMe and Grandpa Billy.  While we missed her like crazy, it was really nice to get away together.  We went to the Big Island and I loved it. 

We rented a kayak and kayaked across Kealakekua Bay to one of the most amazing snorkeling spots I've ever been too.  On our way across the bay, we came upon a pod of dolphins.  They were so cute, and there was a baby that kept jumping out of the water.  They were literally swimming right under our kayaks.  We also spent a day at a beautiful beach that was full of sea turtles.  Although they don't do anything mind blowing, they are so cute and I could sit and watch them all day, especially when they just wade in the wake of the ocean.  We spent most of our evenings at a beachside bar, watching the sunset, enjoying a drink, and listening to their live music.  It was a perfect get away, and I know back home, Sydney was having a great time with her grandparents.

beautiful Hawaii

While we were gone, Sydney visited the farm with MarMe & Grandpa Billy
Feeding the chickens
Naptime with Grandpa during the Superbowl - we are still jealous of these cuddles
MarMe managed to get a braid in her hair - doubt this lasted long...
We got Sydney a baby boy doll to practice being a big sister and she really loves him.  Mostly, she loves putting him to bed, covering him with a blanket and saying "night night".  Over, and over, and over again.  Her other favorite things right now are bracelets (which she wears on her biceps), hats (beanies in particular but we're hoping that changes with the seasons to summer hats), duplo legos, getting tissues from the box and wiping her nose, cleaning anything with wipes, and saying "no".

She is currently trying really hard to get dressed herself and put her own shoes and socks on.  She is jabbering a lot and starting to connect more words together.  Everyday when I pick her up from school, we go outside and she will see the car and point and say "our car".   The other day, we were in our bathroom, and she pointed to the toilet and said "potty", then to a bag and said "bag", then she pointed to the shower and said "Dada shower"....haha.

sometimes it's more fun to slide with Mama
Being goofy with Dada
Look at those cuddles - Sydney is in a serious Dada phase
coloring with Billy
Hawaii souvenirs
Just cute
Valentines day box - it was empty, just a box for her to carry around.
Not sure I'll be able to get away with that much longer
We've had some really nice weather and Billy came over to splash around one weekend
Looking slightly mischievous
Have you heard of the app, 1 second everyday?  It's an app that you upload a 1 second video everyday and it stiches them all together to make a movie.  I did it for just about a month, and below is the outcome. 


These last 7 weeks as a family of 3 are probably going to fly by.  And although we think some moments are chaotic with just Sydney, I know we'll look back and think how easy we had it with just one kid, so we're trying to enjoy it while we can.