Friday, February 24, 2017

Charlie {month 10}

It's a big one, Charlie hit double digits - 10 months on the 22nd.  It was a really good month.

10 months old
By far, the best part of this month is Sydney and Charlie's growing relationship.  It's been incredible.  Charlie follows Sydney around everywhere, and wants everything that Sydney is holding or playing with.  He just loves her.  And Sydney has been so patient and loving back.  She gives him hugs and kisses, laughs when he climbs on her, and is even tolerating the hair pulling.  She is the sweetest big sister.
Valentine's Day
There have been a few other big changes this month.  Charlie's personality is starting to shine through as he grows out of the baby phase and into the toddler phase (tear!).  He also started eating a lot.  One day when we were in Tahoe, all he wanted to do was sit in a highchair and eat, and he hasn't looked back since.  At his 9 month appointment he was 16lbs, 9oz (9th percentile) and at 10 months he was 18lbs 8oz (20th percentile).  He is a much pickier eater than Sydney was.  He really doesn't want food unless it has a ton of flavor.  He loves a non-spicy Indian curry that Brian has made a few times, he loves pesto, guacamole and all fruit. I would say his favorite food is still black beans and he also loves drinking water.
Can't get enough of that water
At the beginning of February, we took a vacation to South Lake Tahoe. We stayed in a hotel at the base of Heavenly and the plan was for Brian and I to each ski one day and each watch the kids one day.  Overall, the trip was really fun.  The kids were great, they loved the snow, sledding and being at a "vacation hotel".  While there was a ton of snow in Tahoe, the ski conditions were a little stormy. I almost missed my day all together but luckily they opened up a few lifts later in the morning.
So. Much. Fun
Other things Charlie is into these days: opening and closing doors, pulling himself up on the toilet (so gross), pointing at things, the play kitchen (he will open and close the doors, pull stuff out, stand up at the sink, and often we see him crawling around with some of the play food in his mouth).  He is standing and pulling himself up on everything and will shuffle his feet around for something he really wants, like popcorn.  He is just starting to walk forward pushing things.  I'm also counting his first wave on 2/21.  It's a bit of a frantic arm wave at the moment.
Charlie walked with this step stool all the way across the kitchen
Here are some more of my favorite photos from the month:
Sydney really wants to be in photos with Charlie now
10 month photo shoot outtake
With Dada in SF
Loves to be naked
In Tahoe
Our little bear
First time at In & Out - true Californian
It's not easy getting 2 kids up the sledding hill
but coming down is a lot of fun
New tricks - upside down is fun
He cried when I took him out of this
Trying to sneak in a chip at our Super Bowl Party
Just 2 buddies and a football game
Charlie and his friend Ben watching the Super Bowl
This is a "love roll"
See, they both loved it
Playing piano with Luca
I just think this is so funny and cute
Charlie is starting to really love the park
It's so cute how excited he gets when Brian gets home from work
Such a big boy now
This cutie with an official sticker

boys will be boys

10 month side by side - Charlie weighs slightly more than Sydney at this point
I can't figure out how that is possible though - look at those rolls!
Charlie has a lot of energy and is usually on the go, but if you catch him at the right time, he gives the best hugs and the sweetest open mouth kisses.  Next month is full of work travel for both me and Brian, so I'm sure we'll blink and eye and Charlie will be 11 months.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Conversations with a 2 year old {Sydney}

These first conversations are from before November! 

Every morning when we leave for school, Sydney says "Bye bye house, I go to school now".
And when we leave school "Bye bye school, I go home now
The first day Charlie started school she said "Bye bye school, I go get Charlie now"
Sydney loves her baby brother
On our drive home from school, when Sydney sees the moon, she points it out.  One day, she didn't see it.
Sydney: "Moon sleeping?"
Me: "No, I think it's just behind the clouds today"
Sydney: "Moon is hiding.  Sun goes night night, moon come out"

Helping Dada throw bocce ball
Me: "Sydney, can you pick out a book to read tonight?"
Sydney: "Two books, Mama.  Is that a deal?  Ok"

Jumping in muddy puddles
Driving home from school
Sydney "Are there pink clouds today Mama?"
Me "No, I just see dark clouds"
Sydney "Dark clouds.  Are they sleeping?"

Mama and Sydney

These are more recently

I took Sydney our to breakfast one morning when her school was closed.  I stopped eating for a while.
Sydney "I am going to kiss your belly."
(she kisses my belly)
"Now eat some more. Eat this".
(pointing at a sausage)
"It's very yummy"
Sydney's new favorite weekend activity - going to the store with the tiny carts (Whole Foods)
One night Sydney left a lot of dinner on her plate
Me "Is your belly full?"
Sydney "No. I need lots and lots of ice cream. Then my belly will be full."
Sink bubble bath with MarMe
One morning I was hoping to do drop offs the opposite way
Me "Sydney, we are going to take you to school first today, ok?"
Sydney "Easy way: Charlie first.  Hard way: Me first"
Me "Ok, the Easy Way, we will take Charlie first"
Sydney finally mastered riding her tricycle by herself!
Walking out of school one day
Sydney "What did you do at your office building today?"
Me "Did you just ask what I did at my office today?"
Sydney "Yes. Did you eat lots of cheese?"
Me "No sweet pea, not today"
Started soccer

Charlie {month 9}

Charlie turned 9 month on the 22nd!  This month was full of celebrations - Hanukkah, Christmas, Brian's birthday, Papa's birthday, Billy's birthday, and New Years. 
Hi, I'm 9 months old
We lit the Hanukkah candles every night this year.  Sydney was so excited about it.  She sang the Hanukkah song, she was fascinated by the candles and couldn't wait for a piece of gelt and her present.  Charlie was already in bed most nights but he had fun playing with the dreidel and grabbing at the shiny gelt.  
First night of Hanukkah
My parents and sister came to town for Christmas. We spent Christmas morning at our house then spent a few nights in Healdsburg together. Sydney finally understands holidays better, so it was so much fun to see her experience all of Christmas this year.  Charlie had fun ripping some wrapping paper and staring at the lights and ornaments on the tree.  He enjoyed spending time with everyone and gave plenty of smiles and giggles. 
The wrapping is always more exciting than the gifts at this age
This Charlie crawled all over the place. He crawled up on our fireplace mantel, he crawled into the bottom shelf of his bookshelf, into the kitchen cupboard, under his highchair, behind the couch.  He doesn't sit still.  He also started to pull himself up to standing just before the New Year (12/20 for the records).  And now he is just starting to move his feet a bit.
Here comes trouble
We started giving him water more regularly with food and he loves it.  At first he would lunge for any glass nearby and thought is was hilarious to take sips from our glass .  He also learned how to use a straw cup this month.  We were out for dinner one night and I just started dropping water into his mouth from a straw.  Then I let him put the straw in his mouth.  He would blow bubbles, then suck and be so surprised he would jump when the water got in his mouth.  He is now using a kids straw cup by himself.
A little help from Sydney
Just a few weeks ago, I spotted his first tooth poking through on his bottom right (1/15/17).  And now the bottom left has also started making it's way in.  They are still really tiny and I'm a little sad to loose the gummy baby smile, so I'm totally ok if they take their time.  He continues to talk a bit more.  He says Mama and Dada and sometimes we actually think he is using them for us (I know, I know, he is still young, but don't burst our bubble!). 
Here are some more of my favorites from the month:
With MarMe
Wine tasting with Mama and Dada
At the brewery
Hanukkah festivities
with Aunt Jenn
with Grandpa Billy in Healdsburg

Pretty soon he'll actually be able to go down by himself
Window high five - so sweet
I stood up!
Charlie loves to be pushed around on this truck
More, more, more
Guess I can just go have a glass of wine?

Where did Charlie go?
Babies in matching bibs
Always escaping when he is naked
He loves standing close to his sister
This smile never gets old
Why is it that the places you don't want them are the exact places they want to be?

Fun at the park

He crawled right through this tunnel without hesitation

Charlie and Sydney 9 months side by side
They look like siblings
2016 flew by, and as I write this, we are already 1/12th of the way through 2017.  Charlie literally brought smiles and laughter to our year.  He is our happy little baby.  Next month we're also taking a family trip to Tahoe.  Fingers crossed it goes well.