Friday, September 23, 2016

Charlie {month 5}

Charlie turned 5 months today.  It's crazy to look back at photos and see how much he has grown.  He still is a very happy, smiley and giggly baby and we just love him to pieces.

Charlie 5 months old
We started this month in Portland at the end of our vacation, and ended it back home in California.  This month marked a few very exciting firsts for Charlie.  His first plane ride, first time in the highchair, and first time in the jumper. 

A whole new world sitting at the table
Other big milestones for him are I took him off Zantac, his reflux medication, and we transitioned him to sleep in a sleep sack.  Speaking of sleep, he is still not great at it, but we've made progress in the self soothing department which is helping us get him down at night.

Charlie is grabbing things much more purposefully now and, of course, everything goes straight to his mouth.  He is sucking on his hands and fingers more too.  We started working on sitting with support, I think he will be really happy when he can sit by himself and watch Sydney run around.  He is holding himself high on his hands and is trying hard to figure out how to scoot, so far unsuccessfully.  He has always liked to stand on my lap or on the floor, and is now starting to jump in this position.
One of my favorite moments from the month was just the other night. Sydney, Charlie and I were all in Sydney's room.  She was jumping around (literally), and Charlie was cracking up at her.  It melted my heart and I wanted to get it on video but I didn't have my phone.  I knew it would ruin the moment if I got up and left, so I let it go.  Sydney loved it.  She kept jumping, turning back to look at Charlie, and kept jumping and laughing too.  I love that she gets a big kick out of Charlie.  Whether it's his coos, his smiles, his giggles, and especially his toots and burps, he makes her laugh and a lot.

Here are some of my favorite photos this month:
Playing at the park in Portland
lounging in the tub
big smiles for MarMe
Charlie loves standing
Happy Grandparents
Big smiles
Through security, ready for his first flight
Happy traveler on his first plane ride
Dada got matching shirts from one of his clients for the kids
Sydney was SO excited about when they both wore their "Octo-Kitty" shirts
Flying Charlie
Flying Baby
Kisses for Charlie
Sydney always touches Charlie's nose and says "Beep"
Then tickles his toes
Oh, hi
Chewing on his favorite elephant
It's nearly impossible to get everyone looking an smiling
This is cool
modeling Sydney's Halloween wig - hahahaha

with cousin Nate

always smiling
pre-work cuddle with Dada on Charlie's 5 month birthday
5 month side by side with Sydney

The countdown is on for me.  One week to go until I go back to work.  We've done a few trial days at his daycare and it's gone really well.  I picked up Sydney before him on the most recent trial day and the first thing she said to me when I saw her was, "Where's Charlie?".  As always, we can't wait to see what the next month brings.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Conversations with a 2 year old {Sydney}

Some of the things Sydney says these days are just adorable and I don't want to forget them.  Here are a few of my favorite recently.
Coloring with Kaia while the adults enjoy some beers
On the way to school 
Sydney: "I see airplane mama"
Me: "Oh, yes there it is. Where do you think it's going?"
Sydney: "MarMe and Grandpa Billy's "
At school I hear geese and see them flying over us
Me: "look Sydney, geese "
Sydney: "right there, mama" pointing 
Me: "where do you think they are going?"
Sydney: "MarMe and Grandpa Billy's "
Matching shirt with Dada
Sydney is sitting at the dinner table 
Me: "Sydney, what's missing?"
She isn't sure 
Me: "your food is missing "
I set down her dinner and leave the room 
Sydney: "Mama's missing. Mama's missing "

So many necklaces

 Brian gets home from work and Sydney goes with him to take off his work clothes.
Brian goes to use the bathroom 
Sydney: "Dada? Dada?" Loudly 
Brian: "I am going pee pee, Sydney. I need some privacy "
Sydney: "I need privacy to"
Runs down the hall to her bathroom, takes off pants and diaper. Shuts the door and sits on her potty. 
holding brother Charlie
us: "Sydney, what's your last name"
Sydney "Le-ber-mon"
us: "what's your middle name "
Sydney "Big Girl"
"1, 2, 3, go, Sydney, go!"
We can't get enough of her and the cute things that she says and does.  Next time you see her, blow her a kiss and she'll catch it and put it in her pocket.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Charlie {month 4}

Charlie turned 4 months way back on August 22nd.  August was a crazy month for us, and a big one for Charlie too.
4 month photoshoot - 13 lbs 3 oz (10%, yikes!)
We started off August with a road trip to Tahoe with Brian's extended family to celebrate his Aunt's 70th birthday.  We were pretty confident with the car ride after a successful trip to Sea Ranch the previous month, but this one didn't go so well for Charlie.  Both ways were really tough on him, and on all of us.  But our time in Tahoe was fun!  It was a gorgeous weekend and it was nice to catch up with the family and be able to celebrate such a big birthday together.
The whole gang in Tahoe

Family photo from Tahoe

The following weekend, Brian and I went to NYC and left both the kids with Bama, Brian's mom.  Brian had won a trip from work to go see Hamilton in NYC, it was a trip we couldn't turn down.  Leading up to it was a bit stressful since Charlie had only taken a bottle a few times and not easily.  In between Tahoe and NYC, I finally figured him out, got him on a predictable routine and, after months of trying, I somehow got him to take a pacifier.  I swear he knew what was coming and just gave in to make things easier.  I felt so much better about leaving him and I knew the bottle would work itself out, there wasn't another option. He wasn't going to starve himself.
Just about to see Hamilton!
playing tourist on the top of my office building
NYC was a huge success for us and for Charlie.  He was perfect for his Bama and she had no problems with the bottle!  Brian and I had a great weekend together.  It was so nice to not think about naps, snacks, diapers, or bedtime for a few nights.  We ate and drank well and really enjoyed ourselves.  Hamilton was amazing and definitely lives up to the hype.  We can't thank Bama enough for watching the kids all weekend while we played, it was such a treat.

The very end of August, we took a family vacation to Oregon.  We drove to Bend to visit some friends for a few days, then drove to Portland to visit my parents for a week. Since Charlie started taking a bottle, the drive was actually tolerable.  I honestly don't think we would have made it otherwise.  I have so many photos from the trip, I plan on doing another blog on it.

Charlie continues to be a really happy baby.  He smiles a lot, laughs a lot and is such a sweet boy.  He started drooling, so people keep asking if he is teething.  Sydney did the same thing and didn't get a tooth until 11 months, so I'm guessing I just make drooly babies.  He also really wants to move, he loves standing and if you hold him up, he will take steps.  I often make "Charlie Monster" walk over to Sydney and give her kisses, she thinks it's hilarious. We're hoping just like the drool coming way before the teeth, he doesn't start moving on his own too soon.

Charlie still is not a good sleeper, and it's driving me nuts!  I always tell people, we just thought we were really good parents because Sydney was such an awesome sleeper from the beginning, but turns out, she was just a really good baby.  I go back to work in October, so we are working on getting to a more consistent and better spot with sleep.  I never knew how mom's functioned with so many night wake ups, but now I am living it.

Here are the rest of my favorite photos from the month.
This was the t-shirt my parents gave my grandparents to
let them know they were pregnant with my sister
Still Charlie's happy place
Advanced parenting
This month doing nights alone with the kids became easier to handle
Charlie loves his big sister
Cute boy
He love standing
Charlie always gets fussy when we eat because he feels left out down in his rocker
He is going to love sitting at the table with us in just a few short months
Chilly morning
This onesie has a tie on it, and I thought this photo was really
cute because it looks like he is adjusting his tie
Cousin Nate!  Future babysitter
6 of the 7 first cousins in Tahoe
Happy boy
One of his favorite toys
post bath zen like state
Happily reunited after our weekend in NYC
My little loves
Charlie's best buddy Nate, twinning in outfits and poses
He just won't stop moving
sneak peek of our road trip
Crater Lake
Whole family at Crater Lake
First time facing out in the carrier - he loved it
4 month photoshoot side by side
The months keep flying by and it's hard to believe how quickly Charlie is growing and how soon I'll be back at work.  I'm trying to enjoy every minute with him, except the minutes in the middle of the night.  Those I could do without.