Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sydney {month 2}

Sydney turned 2 months last Saturday!  It's amazing how much she grew and changed from the beginning to the end of the month.  She has gone from newborn diapers to size 1 diapers, and is quickly growing out of her newborn clothes too.

Two month photo shoot
At her 2 month check-up, she weighed 9.5 pounds - which is 3.5 pounds more than when we brought her home from the hospital.

She is now smiling and cooing a lot, which is the best.  She also loves to sit facing out, so she can see what's going on around her.  She is a pretty good sleeper (knock on wood) - currently she is going down around 8:30 and sleeping until 4am.  Occasionally, we do get a little off schedule, she is a baby after all.  She goes right back to sleep after she eats at 4.

By far, the most common comment I get about Sydney is "She is so alert" followed by "What big, beautiful eyes".

Brian spent his first nights away from Sydney when he flew to Hawaii to officiate some of our best friend's, Kevin and Lindsay's wedding.  We really missed him, and wished more than anything that we could have been there.  During that time we kept very busy because MarMe and Grandpa Billy came to stay with us while he was gone.
Wedding greetings for the Bride & Groom 
This month was so full of visitors.  Not only did my parents come, but Sydney met Aunt Jenn, who came from Colorado to stay a long weekend with us.  Also, she met lots of cousins from the Lederman side of the family.  She attended her first wedding, her first Yoga class and her first Happy Hour.  She also caught her first cold, a stuffy nose and cough, and had her first shots (except the ones the day she was born, but I didn't see those so they don't count).  Both of which were most likely harder on me than her.

Now, some of my favorite photos:
Look how small she looks here at the beginning of 2 months 
She loves eskimo kisses from Daddy
Maybe the outfit was a little big this time

Playing with cousins Connor and Nate
Nate got to hold his cousin
This is what I get to look at everyday - I'm the luckiest girl ever
Yoga time with cousin Billy
Post yoga bliss
Out and about downtown 
Meeting Aunt Jenn - we were all excited
Connor helping adjust her flower
Lot's of cousins - Connor, Nate, Billy, Megan, Avery and Sydney 
Playing with Daddy on her first trip to San Francisco
Starting to get her smiles on camera!  She likes San Francisco.
Grandparents arrive
Chilling with MarMe
Grandpa Billy & Jenn
Sydney loves with Brian gets home from work
Aunt Jenn 
park date
Cute new expressions
Lots of playtime with grandparents
Just lounging 
bonding with Grandpa Billy
I still love her yawns
Bath time with MarMe
Happy baby - have I mentioned that my friend Molly made this quilt for Sydney?
We love it, it's beautiful and is a permanent fixture on our new sofa
smiles for MarMe
Grandpa Billy's turn
Playdate with her friend Michaela - Sydney is just waking up,
and Michaela is just about to go down for a nap
those cheeks  
cute little smile
My sweet colleague from Dublin sent us this onesie
It says Miss Lederman on the back, so adorable but hard to get a good picture
Sydney not playing nice with her friend Sophia 
But they made up quickly - they were born 3 days apart
striking a pose
Cousin Billy checking her out
Happy Hour  - did you see my Instagram of this one?
Everyone enjoying their drink of choice
Sydney's first wedding
with her Uncle Sean at the wedding 
and later at the wedding, in her PJ's with Uncle Mike 
Life just keeps getting better with Sydney around.  I am looking forward to all our adventures and milestones for month 3.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sydney {Month 1}

Brian thought I took a lot of photos last year on all our Europe trips.  That was before we had a baby.  Let's just say, Sydney's first month is very well documented.  She is just so cute, I can't resist.  I'm sure all new parents can relate.  Oh, she's asleep, let's take a photo.  She is awake, photo! Her first bath, photo. First car trip, photo.  First time wearing a new outfit, photo!

We have so many photos, I completely overlooked this one that should have been in my last post.  I love it.  It's all Sydney's Aunt's and Uncles on Brian's side and her 3 cousins, visiting us at the hospital!

The first month with Sydney flew by.  I say that now, but there were definitely moments that it didn't seem like it was flying by at the time.  It's crazy to look back at the photos from the hospital and compare them to her at 1 month - what a difference.  She weighed 8 pounds on her 1 month birthday, which is 2 pounds more than when we brought her home from the hospital.

Now that she is a little bit bigger, I'm not as nervous about breaking her.  I've learned how to tote her around 1 handed and have stopped (well, almost stopped) worrying about every little grunt, snort or new thing she does.

Sydney experienced a lot of new things in her first month.  She went on her first road trip, attended her first BBQ, celebrated her first holiday, had her first bath, read her first book and started to smile.

As her parents, we obviously think she is the cutest baby ever.  Here are some of my favorite photos, and photos of her firsts during month 1.
meeting Aunt Lauren
Chilling with Daddy
First Bath
She loves the after bath towel
Big stretches and yawns
sleepy baby
We can't get over how cute she is
Bama with Sydney, who is really hungry, and cousin Billy
Story time

Cousin Billy holding (or eating) Sydney's hand

Chats with Papa
Dressed for the 4th of July
Family photo
First BBQ on the 4th of July
another attempt at a family photo
1 month old
1 month old - this was the outfit I wanted to bring her home from the hospital in
It was waaaay to big then, and still a little big here
The slippers were a handmade gift from Grandma Marla
1 month
outfit change