Charlie {month 11}

Charlie is 11 months old!  How is it possible that he is nearly 1?!  It was quite a month for Charlie.  On his 10 month birthday, he got an ear infection and started antibiotics. And it just wouldn't go away, so he was literally on antibiotics for the entire month.  Fingers crossed we are finally over it.
11 month photoshoot
Despite the ear infection, it was another big month for Charlie.  He hit some new milestones, smiled and laughed at our antics and started exploring even more.
Charlie is starting to try and climb on top of and under things.  Recently, he has been crawling under his bed and back out.  It's so funny, especially when he goes under and comes back out when he has to lay his head sideways and slide out.
I got this
He is opening and closing cupboards in the kitchen.  He has learned to throw his paci out of his crib so we come back in his room at night or during naps.  When he is done playing and causing trouble, he is the sweetest boy.  He gives the biggest hugs.  The kind where he rests his head on your shoulder and squeezes his arms around your neck.  He will give a big open mouth kiss (and occasionally a bite).  He would sleep in my arms all night if I let him.
Escape artist - he learned how to get out of his sleepsack
This month, Charlie started clapping and waving.  Now, whenever someone say "bye" he will start waving back.  He loves walking with his walker and will cry when he hits a wall, or anything that prevents him from going further.  He will reach up when he wants to be picked up and will play peek-a-boo with us.
Oh hey
 He has watched Sydney jump on the bed and on the trampoline at gym class and will try to bounce on his tush too.  He still spends a lot of time playing with the play kitchen and the toys he finds in it. 
Loves the kitchen - just like Dada
He is now starting to practice standing without holding onto anything.  He will pull himself up on a chair, let go and put his hands in the air for balance - so adorable.  Then fall on his tush, and do it over and over again.
Charlie's daycare told me the other day that he is the messiest eater of all the kids.  His favorite food right now is popcorn.  He is obsessed.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the month:

squish kiss
11 month couch photo
He is really starting to like the park
Loves being thrown in the air
Breakfast at Bama & Papa's with his cousins
Off to school & work
This smile
Brian and I snuck off to Utah this month for a few days skiing
Forever grateful to Bama for watching the kids for us
They both love walks in the stroller, and they love sitting next to each other
Thanks Aunt Lynda for the cozy blankets
He will use anything to get around (and his tush!)
He took just a few toys out before needing a tea break
I'm stuck!

So much fun
At Sydney's gym class, bouncing on the trampolines
St Paddy's Day
I had to put this one together
Top: Billy and Syndey - 2015
Bottom Left: Sydney & Charlie -2017 (Charlie in Billy's shirt)
Bottom Right: Billy & Audrey - 2017 (Audrey in Sydney's shirt)
He is a messy but happy eater
Finally getting warm enough to eat naked
(and I finally understand why parents have their kids eat in a diaper)

Following his big sister
I am curious to how far he would walk if we didn't have walls to stop him
11 month side by side
I'm still in disbelief that it's nearly been a year with Charlie in our lives.  He is the complete opposite of Sydney in so many ways and we couldn't have picked a better fit to complete our family.