Converstations with a 2 year old {Sydney}

The title of this post should technically be "Conversations with an almost 3 year old" but for consistency purposes, it's not.  As Sydney approaches 3 years old, her conversations and vocabulary are becoming more complex, and we are starting to hear back some familiar colloquialisms, which make us giggle.

"Just 2 more minutes, then I'll come eat dinner"
"I'll be back in 1 minute, stay on the couch, ok?"
"I'm going to go hang out with my brother now"

Our peanut is obsessed with pink.
We just finished week 3 of only wearing pink outfits

Brian has been home pretty early the last few weeks and Sydney has been helping him cook dinner, she really enjoys it.  Yesterday, he wasn't home before dinner.  I had everything ready on her plate for her.
Me: "Sydney, are you ready for dinner?"
Sydney: "I want to help you cook it."
Me: "Well, it's cooked already."
Sydney: "No, I want to cook it."
Me: "Dada isn't home early tonight, so he cooked it last night for you!"
Sydney; "When Dada isn't here, you should cook"
Touché Sydney
At the beach in Pacific Grove
This is the first time she has walked barefoot on the beach and in the waves
Although, I'm not sure she was expecting the water to get her
Me: "Sydney, get your finger out of your mouth" (she has never been a finger sucker)
Sydney: "It's a thumb"
Me: "You're right. Get your thumb out of your mouth, please"
Sydney holds her thumb in front of her open mouth and says "I'm just pretending"
Me: "ok"
She held it there walking all the way back to her room.
Bama took Sydney to see Peppa Live!
I honestly think it may be her first memory
She LOVED it
Looking at my locket
"That's Sydney, and that's Charlie.  Both your kiddos"
Easter Egg hunt with Cousin Billy
These two are such good buddies
Trying to get Sydney to eat her dinner
Me: "Sydney, you need to eat your noodles"
Sydney: "No, no. My belly says no noodles"
Holds her shirt up
Brian: "What does your belly want? Water?"
Sydney: "No. My belly wants to go play."
Mesmerized by the Jelly Fish
MarMe: "What do you want for your birthday?"
Sydney: "Something pink"
Me: "What do you want that's pink?"
Sydney: "A girl toy"
Someone was being silly

Bringing a cupcake home from a party
Me: "We are going to put it up front until we get home.  I'll hold it for you.  You hold Baby."
Sydney: "I have 2 hands!"
I have the cupcake up front. Holding it where she can see it.
Sydney: "Mama, hold onto my cupcake very tight."
Family selfie